Sweet Sweet Mocha

A guest post by Mama, about Mocha:

photo of Mocha being petted by Mama

The boys asked me to tell you about how sweet Mocha is. You see, Mocha is very very sweet with me, but isn’t so much a fan of the boys. This is why we think she should be an only cat. As an only cat, Mocha can let down her guard and share all her love with you.

Mocha likes to do what I call “doing noses.” Doing noses is the heartmeltingly wonderful act of nuzzling noses. And not all cats like to do it. But Mocha does. She hangs out in the bathroom of my house, so we do noses every time I go in to use the sink. Have I used the bathroom sink instead of the kitchen sink just so that I can have extra times to do noses with Mocha? I’ll never tell.

Mocha came to my house with two wand toys, which her former foster mom reported are her favorite toys. (I can tell you that I watched with my own eyes Mocha playing with a table tennis ball as well.) Mocha is a great wand-toy-huntress. She watches…patiently…and when the time is right…POUNCES! I’ve seen that she’s tried to take matters into her own paws when she’s wanted to play and I haven’t been home. (The toy is under the sink? I know that I didn’t put it there!)

Mocha is the first of the kittelach to meet me at the door when I come home. She follows me into the kitchen and sits with me, even without whining for food! She just wants to share my space.

Mocha may look more like an espresso than a delicious mocha, but she is a sweet girl ready to warm up your mornings.

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