Oops–Mistake Monday

You guys. We forgot to post on Forever Family Friday. We think it’s because we don’t really know how to read a calendar. Anyway, we’re christening today Mistake Monday to make up for it.

Just a reminder, Forever Family Friday is because we–Skates and Shadow–hold a special place in our hearts for the cats still in the shelter.

Today we want to tell you about Logee! Our friend Bethe says that Logee is “the sweetest, coolest dude in town!” And Bethe is a very good judge of feline character, so you should believe her. Logee is a snuggler and a purr-monster (we know all about purr monsters–remember our foster brudder Prince?) and purr monsters are great white noise makers for sleep!

You should go to the New York Avenue location of the Washington Humane Society and adopt Logee today before he gets adopted by someone else.

This Saturday all adoption fees at WHS are waived as part of a nationwide “Clear the Shelters” event! Stop by the New York Avenue location of WHS between noon and 7 on Saturday, and you can meet not only the NYA cats, but also a whole bunch of fosters who will be there just for the day. (Not Mocha, because we’re Jewish, shabbat-keeping kittelach. Email us–kittelach@gmail–or Mama–dcdotnerd@gmail–to meet Mocha another time.)



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