Ten Facts About Me, by Mocha

1. I don’t do this whole dictate-to-human-to-write-in-first-person-crap, get off my lawn.

Well, I guess the other nine facts about Mocha are going to be by foster mama DC.Nerd. (Me.)

2. Mocha is 12. In cat years, that does put her squarely in “get off my lawn” territory. She’s earned the right to be a little ornery!

3. We try to be body-positive here, but Mocha is a bit on the chubby side. And a bit on the fluffy side!

4. Mocha is a self-soother. She learned at some point that when she gets agitated, she should go straight to her scratcher and she’ll feel better.

5. Mocha learns fast. It only took two or three times giving her treats in a carrier for her to decide that the carrier is a good place to be, and now she hangs out there probably 50% of the time.

Photograph of Mocha in her carrier

6.Mocha is protective of her territory and her people. (This is why she should be an only cat.)

7. Mocha isn’t a lap cat, but does love being near people. She happily sits near me in whatever room I’m in and has started hopping up in bed with me (much to the consternation of Skates and Shadow).

8. Mocha is particular about the arrangement of her living space. I will put her water bowl down and come back 15 minutes later to find it in front of the open carrier flap, as opposed to the where-I-won’t-trip-over-it location I put it down in.

9. Mocha likes wand toys, and will carry one of them around the house with her.

10. Mocha likes kisses on the head and nuzzling noses.

Bonus fact! Mocha is all ready to be adopted; she just needs her forever family to wake up and smell the coffee! If that’s you, email us at kittelach@gmail and we can arrange a time for you to come over.

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