Mama-Made: cat hammock

Hi hoomans, Skates here. Did you know that our Mama spends way too much time on Pinterest? She does. And then she makes things!! Mama has made a whole bunch of things for us kittelach!! We don’t use all of them (yet?) but we decided to share them with you.

Today, Mama spent a lot of time and chicken treats trying to teach me to use the cat hammock she made. There are a lot of ideas for different ways to make cat hammocks! Mama was looking at cat hammock ideas at the same time as she was looking at PVC and copper pipe ideas for other things, and she decided to design her own combining lots of ideas instead of copying one idea exactly. Mama took 5/8 inch dowels and 1/2 inch copper pipe fittings (we never took math, but even we know that 5/8 > 1/2. We don’t really understand why 5/8 inch dowels are the right size, but they are) and made a frame. Then she rummaged through her fabric (this was really fun for us) to find something sturdier than quilting cotton and in a piece big enough to fit one of us curled up. She sewed up the ends of the fabric to make a pocket for the dowels to go through, and then used stinky strong glue to hold everything together.

photograph shows the hammock

our hammock! and some mess in our living room!

Like I said, we’re not sure we like the hammock yet. Mama picked me up and put me on the hammock and then gave me chicken treats!! Then I got off and got back on, and Mama gave me more chicken treats! Then Mama put away the treats and I got on the hammock again and Mama got up to get the treats and I got off the hammock before she had a chance to give me more treats. Then Mama said something about spoiling my appetite.

I’m going to see what I can do about getting more chicken treats from Mama.

Love, Skates

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