Carriers of Faith

Attention people and felines of the Internet! I am Mocha’s press secretary, DC.Nerd, announcing to all the official formation of Mocha’s religion: Carriers of Faith.

photograph of Mocha sitting in her cat carrier

Subscribe to Carriers of Faith, and no longer will your cat carrier be a source of anxiety but a fountain of tuna treats!

silhouette of a generic fish

Join now by sending tuna treats, and you will be rewarded. (Warning: this YouTube link will autoplay when you click on it.)

Mocha is looking for a new parsonage! Take your tuna treats to the Washington Humane Society to make your home hers.

With love and faith from the treatgiver,



P.S. Persons of the Internet who wish for their cats to join Carriers of Faith may wish to check out this step-by-step guide to conversion.

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