Mama-Made: carpet and rope scratcher

Peoples, our Mama is a hoarder. Not quite a hoarder. Almost a hoarder. Anyway, she keeps all these things because she thinks she’ll use (“upcycle”) them one day but the thing is that she DOES use them so she’s kind of justified in her hoarding.

Mama used to have bookshelves made of bricks and laminate shelves. She seriously moved with boxes of bricks. When she moved to our house she ditched the bricks but kept the shelves.

And we get the benefit!

Mama took one of the shelves and covered it on both sides with a carpet scrap. (She used spray adhesive and it didn’t work so fantastically, so then she used E6000 which is her go-to glue for things needing more holding power than Elmers.) That would have been good enough for us, but then she bought rope and wrapped it around the board a few times and glued it down.

Yay fun scratcher for us. Mama put catnip on it the other night and now it’s our favorite thing ever. Besides food and boxes and chicken treats and squirrel-watching.

photograph of Skates lying on the rope part of the scratcher


Love, Skates

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