Oops–Mistake Monday

You guys. We forgot to post on Forever Family Friday. We think it’s because we don’t really know how to read a calendar. Anyway, we’re christening today Mistake Monday to make up for it.

Just a reminder, Forever Family Friday is because we–Skates and Shadow–hold a special place in our hearts for the cats still in the shelter.

Today we want to tell you about Logee! Our friend Bethe says that Logee is “the sweetest, coolest dude in town!” And Bethe is a very good judge of feline character, so you should believe her. Logee is a snuggler and a purr-monster (we know all about purr monsters–remember our foster brudder Prince?) and purr monsters are great white noise makers for sleep!

You should go to the New York Avenue location of the Washington Humane Society and adopt Logee today before he gets adopted by someone else.

This Saturday all adoption fees at WHS are waived as part of a nationwide “Clear the Shelters” event! Stop by the New York Avenue location of WHS between noon and 7 on Saturday, and you can meet not only the NYA cats, but also a whole bunch of fosters who will be there just for the day. (Not Mocha, because we’re Jewish, shabbat-keeping kittelach. Email us–kittelach@gmail–or Mama–dcdotnerd@gmail–to meet Mocha another time.)



Why Adopt a Senior Cat?

Hi peoples! I’m Shadow, and I should be the oldest in my house (I just turned four!!) but Mama keeps fostering cats older than me. I’m here to tell you today why you should adopt a senior cat. And I’m not doing that just because I want Mocha out of my house so I can be the oldest again. I’m doing it because there are lots of senior cats (and dogs, but #CatsRuleDogsDrool) who need and want homes.

So without further ado, here’s why to adopt a senior cat:

1. Senior cats are slower. No zooming down the hallway for dinner for these cats! (Which means we younger adults can get there first.) [Source: me.]

2. Senior cats “often know that scratching posts (not furniture) are for scratching and toys (not hands or feet) are for biting.” [Source: Petfinder.] P.S. Mocha is a good example of this!

3. Senior cats are pretty chill. They’re not likely to try parkour in your living room. [Source: Vetstreet.com.]

4. Senior cats often have a more full history available, so you’re more likely to have information in advance on whether the cat gets along with other cats or kids or what-have-you. [Source: Petango.]

5. Since senior cats are often passed over for kittens, when you adopt a senior cat, you’re opening space in a shelter not just for one other cat, but probably many other cats.

6. Senior cats still have a lot of life (and love!) left in them.

Image is a photo of a cat with text reading

Forever Family Friday

Hi hoomans, Skates here. Mama says the “thing” in Internetland is alliteration, so Shadow and I came up with Forever Family Friday. Shadow and I both hold special places in our hearts for the cats who are in the shelter at the Washington Humane Society. Mama adopted me straight from the shelter, and Shadow was so scared there, that’s why he went to his foster mom’s house.

Photo of Skates in his cage at the humane society.

The first picture Mama took of Skates

Photo of a cage at the humane society with a bowl of food, a bowl of water, a litter box, and a towel. Shadow isn't visible in the picture because he is hiding under the towel.

Shadow hiding in his cage at the Humane Society

So while we really want you to adopt our foster sister Mocha, we also want you to consider the kittelach who aren’t lucky enough to be in foster care. That’s what Forever Family Fridays are going to be about.

Today we want to tell you about Topper! Topper’s profile doesn’t tell you anything about him, but Mama has inside information. Topper was an outdoor kitty (see his ear tip?) but had a person who loved and cared for him. Sadly, that person passed away, and a WHS volunteer picked Topper up and learned that he is a total cuddle bug and really wants to be an indoor kitty with a hooman or two to spoil him.

photograph of Topper in a cage at the humane society. Topper is an orange tabby.


Run to New York Avenue and make this Topper’s Forever Family Friday!

Sweet Sweet Mocha

A guest post by Mama, about Mocha:

photo of Mocha being petted by Mama

The boys asked me to tell you about how sweet Mocha is. You see, Mocha is very very sweet with me, but isn’t so much a fan of the boys. This is why we think she should be an only cat. As an only cat, Mocha can let down her guard and share all her love with you.

Mocha likes to do what I call “doing noses.” Doing noses is the heartmeltingly wonderful act of nuzzling noses. And not all cats like to do it. But Mocha does. She hangs out in the bathroom of my house, so we do noses every time I go in to use the sink. Have I used the bathroom sink instead of the kitchen sink just so that I can have extra times to do noses with Mocha? I’ll never tell.

Mocha came to my house with two wand toys, which her former foster mom reported are her favorite toys. (I can tell you that I watched with my own eyes Mocha playing with a table tennis ball as well.) Mocha is a great wand-toy-huntress. She watches…patiently…and when the time is right…POUNCES! I’ve seen that she’s tried to take matters into her own paws when she’s wanted to play and I haven’t been home. (The toy is under the sink? I know that I didn’t put it there!)

Mocha is the first of the kittelach to meet me at the door when I come home. She follows me into the kitchen and sits with me, even without whining for food! She just wants to share my space.

Mocha may look more like an espresso than a delicious mocha, but she is a sweet girl ready to warm up your mornings.

Need Coffee?

mocha poster

Transcription of poster:

Image is a moderate quality photo of Mocha. (Sorry, but Mama is a pretty bad photographer, and Mocha is black, and black cats are harder to photograph, so this is the best Mama has been able to do.)

Text says: “Need coffee? How about a Mocha! I’m the Mocha for you. I’m available for adoption through the Washington Humane Society. Email my foster mama at kittelach at gmail dot com. About Mocha: Age 12. Playful. Needs to be an only cat. Spayed and up to date on shots.”

Then there’s a silhouette of a coffee mug with Mocha’s name on it.

Stay tuned for a post from Mama about how sweet Mocha is with her!


Hello hoomans!! Our names are Skates and Shadow, and we are kittelach! Our Mama is DC.Nerd, and that’s why our blog is on her domain.

We asked Mama for a blog because we want to help her find forever homes for other kittelach who weren’t as lucky as we were to be adopted. We had a foster brudder Prince who just got adopted this week, and we’re getting a foster sister, Mocha, soon.

Also, Shadow’s birthday is next week and we’re having an Instagram pawty! Everyone should join us. Here’s how:

Step 1. You have to RSVP! RSVP by following our Instagram account.

Step 2. Pawticipate! Shadow is turning 4 so there are 4 ways to pawticipate! Each time you pawticipate you get a chance to win a door prize!

  1. Send donations (from this wish list) to the Tucker County Animal Shelter in Parsons, West Virginia. They are a teeny open access shelter with an even teenier budget. Then DM us a screenshot of your receipt. (But be sure to redact your personal information! We don’t want that!)
  2. Make a $$ donation (any amount) to your local open access shelter. Then DM us a screenshot of your donation receipt. (But be sure to redact your personal information! We still don’t want that!)
  3. Share any of our posts about our new foster sister Mocha. Be sure to tag them #ShadowPawty!
  4. Wild card! What do you want to do to support shelter animals? Maybe you’ll go to a shelter and play with a dog. Maybe you’ll take old sheets and towels to a shelter. Maybe you’ll sew a cage curtain (Mama has a pattern if you want it!). Maybe there’s a fundraiser you can go to. Do something creative, get a selfie of you doing it, and tag it #ShadowPawty.

Step 3. Win door prizes!

  • A donation to the shelter or rescue of your choice in honor of your pet.
  • A BarkBox or MeowBox for your pet.
  • A cat or dog t-shirt for you from AnimalHearted.
  • A custom photo mug with your favorite picture of your pet(s).