Ten Facts About Me, by Beans

  1. I’m good for your heart. I’ll snuggle by your chest at night and it’s very calming.
  2. I love to hunt bugs and ghosts. My favoritest toy is a Cat Dancer because it’s like hunting bugs without the gross factor of having bugs in the house.
  3. I don’t like people to come towards me, but if you let me come to you, I’m quite a lovey girl.
  4. I’m a healthy kitteleh.
  5. My foster mama says I have Einstein whiskers.
  6. I eat super fast like a vacuum!
  7. I’m a digger, so I like a high-sided litter box.
  8. I have cute white toesies.
  9. I am very chatty. Especially when I’m pacing and waiting for dinner.
  10. I have a ‘dorable run.