Why Adopt a Senior Cat?

Hi peoples! I’m Shadow, and I should be the oldest in my house (I just turned four!!) but Mama keeps fostering cats older than me. I’m here to tell you today why you should adopt a senior cat. And I’m not doing that just because I want Mocha out of my house so I can be the oldest again. I’m doing it because there are lots of senior cats (and dogs, but #CatsRuleDogsDrool) who need and want homes.

So without further ado, here’s why to adopt a senior cat:

1. Senior cats are slower. No zooming down the hallway for dinner for these cats! (Which means we younger adults can get there first.) [Source: me.]

2. Senior cats “often know that scratching posts (not furniture) are for scratching and toys (not hands or feet) are for biting.” [Source: Petfinder.] P.S. Mocha is a good example of this!

3. Senior cats are pretty chill. They’re not likely to try parkour in your living room. [Source: Vetstreet.com.]

4. Senior cats often have a more full history available, so you’re more likely to have information in advance on whether the cat gets along with other cats or kids or what-have-you. [Source: Petango.]

5. Since senior cats are often passed over for kittens, when you adopt a senior cat, you’re opening space in a shelter not just for one other cat, but probably many other cats.

6. Senior cats still have a lot of life (and love!) left in them.

Image is a photo of a cat with text reading